This page has been moved HERE Strips #1 - Chuck Austen (a fun but thoughtful story of love and sex in college) Finger Filth - Bob Fingerman (a mixed selection of erotica by a talented alternative cartoonist) Bull's Balls - Ralf König (outside temptations spell trouble for a committed gay couple) Coley Running Wild - John Blackburn (a seductive male model's adventures) Dancin' Nekkid with the Angels - Howard Cruse (underground comix by a veteran gay cartoonist) Birdland - Gilbert Hernandez (surreal, sexy stuff by the Love & Rockets creator) XXXenophile - Phil Foglio & co. (sexy, funny short stories in a universe of settings) Handjobs - Julius (erotic fiction featuring "daddy" and "son" types, with lots of sex) Back Alley Graffiti, Go West, The Lusty Gods of Bramapur, Arabian Nights. Hardthrob - John Blackburn (a seductive male model upsets the life of a young man and his sister) Leatherboy - Craig Maynard (a gay sex-toy superhero fights a super-powered-sex menace) adult stories adult drawings