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A special Zero-Hour Retrospective... see also my reviews of Primal Force, Starman, Xenobrood, and Fate.
 Manhunter (DC)
by Steven Grant, Vince Giarrano
Rating: bad, Content: [super]

 Sorry, but I couldn't even bring myself to pick this one up. The idea behind it (a musician must take on the role of some primal killer in order to keep the real thing at bay) struck me as kinda lame, the codename had been recycled so many times it had lost any meaning or identity, and the character design - although intended to pay homage to the Manhunter character written by Archie Goodwin - looked like a bad knock-off of Spawn, with art that was no better than Todd McFarlane's.

 The rest of the Zero Hour titles looked better (some more so than others). Please read those reviews.

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